Welcome to K.AIMS | Innovative Maritime Services

K.AIMS S.A is a new Athens-based Ship- Technical Management company, launched in 2013 by experienced professionals implementing an innovative approach for the ideal operational and commercial management of ships with emphasis on missing critical factors in Seamanship facing the industry now day.

We provide our customers with efficient ship management services applying our innovative perspective on identified problems and issues, implementing preventing methods of an advanced PMS and solution system cost efficient and reliable results. 

Technical Management

We offer a tailor-made technical management service

Chartering / Disponent Owners

We provide a wide range of chartering solutions


We offer a vast field in repairs


A Leading Industry Survery Provider


We offer quality spare services

Joint company: I.M.E.Q. Innovative Maritime EQ Center

I.M.E.Q. Center is a research foundation in collaboration with K.AIMS, PNOH Center, and Akrifoundation Organization. The company has a wide network of over 100 maritime companies, research centers, and psycho-therapeutic institutions. I.M.E.Q. has its headquarters in Cyprus, Limassol, and offices in Athens, Greece. It is an ISO 9001:2008 Certified company, in collaboration with K.Aims Innovative Maritime Services, PNOH Psychotherapy, and Akrifoundation Organization. The main aim of I.M.E.Q. is the research of psychology illustrated in the maritime industry, while creating and launching methods and strategies implemented solemnly in the maritime industry.