Ka Innovative Maritime Services Technical Management

Technical Management

Key-members of our team are qualified Masters and Chief Engineers, who utilize gained experience for successful technical management of the vessels. Our superintendents are responsible for monitoring the vessels´ condition and all aspects of their performance and operation and ensure reliability and availability of the fleet.

We will ensure that the hull, machinery and equipment are maintained and operated in accordance with the applicable rules, regulations and industry guidance for optimizing the vessel's energy efficiency and implementing energy conservation measures (both operational practices and constructional modifications and upgrades) througout the whole fleet under our management, contributing to environmental performance and costs reduction, without compromising safety of the crew and the vessel.

We monitor condition of vessel and their systems, proposing to Owners timely upgrades of the vessels in order to comply with future legislations.

Our Company is aimed for continuous improvement to keep the maximum standards of safety and environmental protection both onboard and ashore.

Our services reflect the industry's highest operational and maintenance standards, various software solutions have been developed to improve standard packages for Preventive Maintenance Program applications.

Procurement service is the important part of technical management. Our solid relationships with leading suppliers, workshops and marine service providers ensure that our principals consistently receive reliable and high-quality service at competitive prices.

Chartering / Disponent Owners

We charter-in their vessels for either short or long period employments.

We ensure full commercial management and coverage of our customers' fleet.

We secure safe company cash-flow for our clients achieving a strong business environment.

For various small-size investors, we give them the option to invest in shipping via our Pool of Funds.

Our direct contacts with key market players along with the expertise of our permanent stuff allows us to target optimization of our operations with customized solutions.

Since our company’s staff comes with previous working experience from other great shipping companies, it has sculptured their mentality as to the ship-owners’ best interest.


Our company’s strongest asset is working under three basic principles: Minimize costs, save time, crisis management, and work efficiently.

Our company holds a customer orientation approach that ensures our customers’ satisfaction and best interest.

Our management personnel acquires excellent skills of negotiating and dealing with issues under pressure.


We provide accurate view of vessel’s condition by determining deficiencies which may justify detention of the ship, costly fines, environmental risky issues, human injuries, hazardous situations with prospective solutions for upgrading ISM and ISPS failures and defects just by elaborating the main seaman practice issue.


During survey, Ka.ims monitors the maintenance system by combining/considering the following, in order to upgrade the maintenance system with the necessary targeted actions:
  1. issues or complications revealed during the condition survey
  2. company’s shore technical management procedures
  3. principals’ definition of vessel’s performance/life

Pre-purchase surveys
We provided detailed view to prospective owners with the CONDITION and MAINTENANCE status of the vessel with anticipated cost for rectifying any defect that may justify to non-well operational status of the vessel.
  • Relative solutions on the above may be proposed and monitoring of same till complete fulfilment of the assigned jobs.
  • Creation of detailed repairs specification enabling principals to gather an accurate tender from various vendors.

We provide dry-docking procedures, beginning from the specification which includes an initial condition survey till final monitoring, enabling cost minimizing and time effectiveness and efficiency.
  • Expertise on Black sea /East Mediterranean/Spanish coast and Caribbean ship repair facilities yards, in result enabling to the best option of competitive tenders and leading to completion of project within the time frame given, including “unforeseen issues”.


Working with professional marine and technical engineers with long service on seagoing vessels, we know very well the demands of an engine room as well as other equipment.
With the rising spare part costs and the increasing standards on seafaring vessels, we strongly believe that one of our main obligations to our customers is to work in their favor in all aspects.
Special Applications
Special parts for specific applications are manufactured by our principals, such as special winches, hydraulic cylinders
Local Workshop Facility
Service Team for 4-stroke Engines
Total support is our target thus, we have permanent qualified personel who can travel around the world for the customers' needs anytime.
Moreover, considering our long experience, our work-shops can visit the vessels of our customers and suggest optimal solutions for any potential upgrade on existing systems or even organise in-house specialized seminars for further system familiarisation.
Our technical support is guaranteed and endless.
We source second hand spare parts from shipyards all over the world and provide both testing and overhauling with the issue of class certificates.
Our cooperative factory in Asia can manufacture new turbocharger casings and major main engine parts like liners, heads and pistons.

We supply:

  • Main Engine Parts
  • Purifiers
  • Turbo Chargers
  • Turbine Equipment
  • Diesel Generators
  • Motors
  • Air Conditioners
  • Deck Machinery
  • Lifeboats & Liferafts
  • Air Compressors
  • Anchor & Chain
  • Pumps