Working with professional marine and technical engineers with long service on seagoing vessels, we know very well the demands of an engine room as well as other equipment.

With the rising spare part costs and the increasing standards on seafaring vessels, we strongly believe that one of our main obligations to our customers is to work in their favor in all aspects.

Special Applications
Special parts for specific applications are manufactured by our principals, such as special winches, hydraulic cylinders

Local Workshop Facility
Service Team for 4-stroke Engines

Total support is our target thus, we have permanent qualified personel who can travel around the world for the customers’ needs anytime.

Moreover, considering our long experience, our work-shops can visit the vessels of our customers and suggest optimal solutions for any potential upgrade on existing systems or even organise in-house specialized seminars for further system familiarisation.

Our technical support is guaranteed and endless.

We source second hand spare parts from shipyards all over the world and provide both testing and overhauling with the issue of class certificates.

Our cooperative factory in Asia can manufacture new turbocharger casings and major main engine parts like liners, heads and pistons.

KA-ims offers competitive prices to all spares.

We supply:

  • Main Engine Parts
  • Purifiers
  • Turbo Chargers
  • Turbine Equipment
  • Diesel Generators
  • Motors
  • Air Conditioners
  • Deck Machinery
  • Lifeboats & Liferafts
  • Air Compressors
  • Anchor & Chain
  • Pumps