Technical Managment

  • Key-members of our team are qualified Masters and Chief Engineers, who utilize gained experience for successful technical management of the vessels. Our superintendents are responsible for monitoring the vesselsĀ“ condition and all aspects of their performance and operation and ensure reliability and availability of the fleet.
  • We will ensure that the hull, machinery and equipment are maintained and operated in accordance with the applicable rules, regulations and industry guidance for optimizing the vessel’s energy efficiency and implementing energy conservation measures (both operational practices and constructional modifications and upgrades) througout the whole fleet under our management, contributing to environmental performance and costs reduction, without compromising safety of the crew and the vessel.
  • We monitor condition of vessel and their systems, proposing to Owners timely upgrades of the vessels in order to comply with future legislations.
  • Our Company is aimed for continuous improvement to keep the maximum standards of safety and environmental protection both onboard and ashore.
  • Our services reflect the industry’s highest operational and maintenance standards, various software solutions have been developed to improve standard packages for Preventive Maintenance Program applications.
  • Procurement service is the important part of technical management. Our solid relationships with leading suppliers, workshops and marine service providers ensure that our principals consistently receive reliable and high-quality service at competitive prices.