ka-ims | Innovative Maritime Services | KAIMS Expertise in Eco Friendly Dual Fuel Main Engine Overhaul and Repair Services
KAIMS offers highly skilled and experienced engineers and fitters working within the original equipment manufacturers guidelines with years of experience in all aspects of marine engineering. Our personnel have worked alongside known main engine manufacturer’s such as Wartsila, MAN, Ruston etc. thus providing them with the experience they require to carry out any needed mechan-ical engineering related request
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Mechanical Engineering

Our company offers experienced mechanical engineers trained under manufacturers’ guidelines and limitations to undertake all of your main engine requirements whether afloat or during dry dock. Our people have worked alongside known main engine manufacturer’s thus providing them with the experience required to carry out any needed mechanical engineering related request.

Mechanical engineering works include complete main engine and auxiliary engine strip and overhaul. Our teams work based on quality results while ensuring timely and cost efficient solutions to our clients, ensuring that we are up to date with the requirements of every vessel type and it’s machinery. Our teams have achieved multiple overhauls for traiditional Diesel Engines as well as Dual-Fuel Diesel Engines, we have a proven track record of achieving results of the highest quality while ensuring cost and time efficiency through the development of personalised methods during a complete overhaul.

KAIMS repairs a wide range of vessels such as bulk carriers, passenger and cruise ships, tanker ships, yachts, and liquefied natural gas (LNG) and liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) carriers. The company specialises in diesel generator and main engine crankshaft replacement, and LPG cargo pumps repairs, and offers analytical service report after each service.