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10/11 Sweden,: Renewal of main engine crankshaft. Type: MAN 8L32-40, 05/12 Bulgaria, Full re-tubing of main and auxiliary boilers, 09/13 China, Rudder Carrier renewal, 11/13 Namibia, Cargo crane gear box renewal, 02/14 Lome, Chemical carrier catwalk partial renewal, 05/14 Tema, Overhauling Main engine Pielstik,8PC2-6L
Renewal,main engine,crankshaft,Chemical carrier,catwalk renewal,Overhauling,Main engine
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10/11 Renewal of a MAN 8L32-40 main engine’s crankshaft

05/12 Full re-tubing of main and auxiliary boilers

09/13 Rudder Carrier renewal

11/13  Cargo crane gear box renewal

02/14 Chemical carrier catwalk partial renewal

05/14 Overhauling of a Pielstick 8PC2-6L Main engine

08/14 Overhauling of two Daihatsu 6DK-20 diesel generators

06/14 Complete re-tubing of a composite boiler

02/15 Renewal of an MAN B&W 6L23/30 diesel generator crankshaft

06/15 Conversion and fitting of an AVR for a Cruise vessel

03/16 Renewal of a MAN 8L32-40 main engine’s crankshaft

06/16 Re-activation of two laid-up chemical carriers

11/16 Dry-docking of cruise vessel

02/17 Full main engine overhauling, full renewal of vessel’s key components and re-classification

04/17 Sound proofing of a cruise vessel’s main suited wrongfully located on top of the engine room

06/17 Main engine MAN 6S60MC full overhauling

09/17 Various projects on a cruise vessel in Singapore.

09/17 Complete renewal of an American owned cruise vessel’s Sail System

02/18 Complete renewal of an American owned cruise vessel’s Sail System

11/18 Complete upgrade of a cruise vessel’s sail’s monitoring system and renewal of the cabling lay-out.

04/19 Complete overhaul of 4 x Wartsila 50DF MGE’s on an LNG vessel during her DD


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