ka-ims | Innovative Maritime Services | Vessel engine open up inspection programs
KAIMS provides open-up inspection programs for 2-stroke and 4-stroke diesel and duel fuel engines allowing us to accurately determine the internal condition of the engine and therefore create a preventive condition based overhauling schedule.
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Condition Monitoring Open Up Inspection Programs

Being experts in the LNG Industry and the management of Dual-Fuel and Diesel Propulsion systems, we understand the importance and necessity to maintain a guaranteed uptime of the vessel’s engines, ensuring that there are no delays nor unexpected occurrences during its trading commitments. Through transparent communication, we are able to dispatch engineers on a worldwide basis 24/7 to board a vessel and perform an open-up inspection of the engine and peripheral components allowing us to have a clear image of the internal condition and therefore enabling a preventive approach in the overhaul intervals.


A summary of the tasks completed during our open-up inspection service are the following:

• Through the use of our specialized endoscopic equipment our engineers will visually inspect the internal condition of key components and provide the relevant report to the client.


• Key tightness measurements on major components and peripheral will be checked and adjusted where required. All measurements and adjustments are completed according to the engine manufacturer’s proposed measurements and limits.

• Finally and most importantly, during our vessel visit, our engineers will perform open-up and visual inspection followed by measurements, where applicable, to major components of the MGE in order to check the actual condition and create the best applicable overhaul interval schedule.