ka-ims | Innovative Maritime Services | Dual Fuel Engine Management and Repairs
we are specialized in the complete management of dual fuel engines. we assume any overhauls during dry dock or during voyage for the dualfuel engines of any manufacturer. we have completed multiple projects of varying complexity with perfect results throughout.
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Dual-Fuel Engine Management & Overhaul

KAIMS is one of the leading companies in the niche market of Dual Fuel Engine maintenance, overhauling and complete management. Through our highly experienced and in-depth trained team of engineers we assume the complete technical maintenance of your vessel’s dual-fuel engines.


With an extensive engine portfolio comprising of Wartsila 34DF, Wartsila 50DF, MAN 51/60DF; and service agreements with some of the leading companies in the LNG industry, we have ascertained our presence in this field.


Working with mainly LNG carriers, we are committed in completing our service attendances on time, within technical specification and more importantly, all while ensuring the safety of your crew, our engineers, and your machinery.

A key characteristic which we take pride in, is our engineers’ ability to adapt to any overhaul situation and obstacles which may arise and ensure that the project is completed throughout with minimal disruptions and delays in any situation.


Moreover, we can facilitate any major overhaul completely on-board without the need of a shore-based workshop. Through proper planning, transparent communication and a set list of tools and exchange parts, we will fully accommodate your dual-fuel engine’s service requirements during its voyage.


Whether a 4-stroke or a 2-stroke engine, our competent engineers will be able to overhaul, maintain and service any engine type. A member of our team will be happy to personally assist you with any questions or enquiries you may have.