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Our experienced welders and fabricators possess the skills and experience to work within the class requirements of DNV, Lloyds, RINA and BV on steel and aluminum ship repairs and renewals and new build fabrication Hull damage, repairs and renewals can be carried out either in dock or afloat depending on the location but can also be arranged with the shipowner
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Added Value Services

KAIMS never remains idle; our services and abilities are always updated to ensure performance of the highest quality and efficiency.
Through our training programs, strategic partnerships and resource allocation, our company has the ability to facilitate multiple engineering performances for both dual fuel engines as well as diesel fueled ones.

• Our expert engineers are able to extract the old connecting rod bush and install the new one while on board the vessel throughout, without the need of a shore based workshop, minimizing transportation expenses, added workshop costs and of course reducing the overhaul’s carbon footprint as transportation needs are reduced.


• Our appropriately trained engineers are able to perform in-situ cartridge replacement of the turbocharger for any type of engine on an exchange basis.


• Our expert engineers will provide in-situ machining of an engine’s cylinder heads provided that proper equipment is available on board and running hours do not exceed our maximum requirement. Once again, transportation reduction results in a more efficient repair and reduction of the overall carbon footprint.


• Through our partnered affiliate we have the ability to overhaul any governor in-situ within a short time-frame, or offer an exchange basis overhaul service through the facility strategically based in Greece.