ka-ims | Innovative Maritime Services | Optimized Labor Service Agreement for LNG Carriers in the shipping industry and duel fuel engines
optimized labor agreements covering lng carriers and power plants and their dual fuel engines for preventive maintenance with custom engineering teams.
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Optimized Labor Service Agreements

Allow us to become your single stop for the complete management of your dual-fuel and gas engines. Through our optimized agreement we ensure efficient allocation of our assets in order to fully manage servicing both planned and un-scheduled of your dual-fuel and gas engines for a set duration of time.

With this agreement you will receive key features for the proper maintenance and tracking of your engine and its equipment in real time, while ensuring that availability and on-time completion of the standard running-hour based overhauls are completed throughout its duration.

• Based on the engine lay-out of the vessel or gas plant, upon signing of the agreement, our company will “custom” create an engineering team which will be available to facilitate the standard maintenance and overhauling requirements of your engines.

• You will receive access to our online ticket system platform with full use of its complete features and a dedicated person to assume your remote troubleshooting and support for each of your application.

• The trading commitments of your vessels are of the highest importance and we want to ensure that they are performed with minimal interruptions. Through an agreement, we offer open-up inspection programs which allow us to get an actual look of the engine’s internal condition and plan ahead for the upcoming overhauls based on findings and of course the schedule of your vessel.

• Our company will commit in fully supporting the lifecycle of your equipment, through updated service performance letters which are in par with technology advancements and condition finding based on running hours we ensure that your office remains up to date with the operation of the engines. Moreover, full disclosure of suggestion for improvement
in the operational efficiency of the engine will be provided to your designated personnel where and when appropriate.