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Our CEO and his colleagues have an experience in technical management of vessels of over 30 years and upon contracting a vessel for the management of its technical department we ensure to deliver a fully operational and well-maintained vessel with minimum to none downtime due to our preventive approach
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Gas Powered Plants


Continuous operation and immediate support is of key importance to power plant operators, this is a characteristic that our company is well aware of and we facilitate through 24/7 communication and a preventive maintenance approach. Whether you are facing a minor break-down, requesting a standard running-hour based service or a major break-down our team of highly specialized engineers will be available and immediately deployed to facilitate your gas engine requirements throughout.


With the initiation of a tailor-made optimized labor service agreement for a set-period of time, our company provides you with a wide array of services to choose from such as, 24/7 transparent and uninterrupted technical support and communication, a dedicated contact person to assist with any enquiry or concern on a daily basis, and of course a dedicated service team which will be available for deployment to your power plant performing our complete service.

Diesel Engine Management


While technology is rapidly advancing, and alternative resources are becoming key players in our industry. We may not deprive our attention to the traditional diesel engines, after all when our engineers began working on main engines; LNG as a fuel was merely an idea.


With a cumulative experience of decades in the engine maintenance, overhauling and management industry we will assume any projects of any nature in relation to a vessel’s or power plant’s diesel fueled engine with firmly successful results following our strict approach ↑Efficiency  ↑Quality  ↑Speed  ↓Cost


 Our teams provide a full-range of services during their attendance, whether its in-situ components renewal & repairs, complete overhauling procedures, inspections both visual and through special machinery, transparent and detailed report of findings and suggestions as well as support and training of personnel where appropriate and required.