ka-ims | Innovative Maritime Services | KAIMS Expertise in Eco Friendly Dual Fuel Main Engine Overhaul and Repair Services
Our company page provides information on our background and technical expertise in the maritime industry and the dual fuel engine repair market. you may view our dual fuel overhaul projects and our total maritime engineering projects completed.
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KAIMS was created by our highly experienced management team with the vision to become a boutique service hub with a worldwide presence. Having carried out multiple projects of different complexity and alternating conditions has allowed us to accumulate the knowledge and experience to justify our leading position in the provision of innovative and tailor-made services in the shipping industry.
Our expertise is the complete technical management of Dual-Fuel Main Generator Engines and their overhauling from start to end, as the industry and technology is progressing and adapting, so is our company and our engineering teams. Through major training programs, and mainly on-hands experience we provide tailor-made, and of the highest quality, services for your vessel’s, plant or any application’s heart ensuring that you face no downtime in your operations.

Our tehnical expertise is available to support your needs in a worldwide basis.